Five Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Day Job

Most folks would forestall working if we should. We continuously dream approximately it, however it really is about as far as we get-dreaming. Working a 9-five just appears inevitable. I, Timothy Ward, however am a master at defying the inevitable. I stare ‘The Inevitable’ in the face and contact him dirty names. I say, in case you want to prevent operating, STOP WORKING; I’ll even come up with five reasons why you have to.

1. If you forestall working you will have extra time to commit to analyzing my articles, columns, and lists. This will permit me to come to be a family call down on the Unemployment and Welfare workplaces. My repute is a small price to pay for you dwelling your dreams. Think approximately this while you see me at the ‘Today Show’.

2. Quitting your job will make you experience remarkable. For approximately 10 mins you’ll be on cloud nine, you may be on top of the arena, you’ll be living the best life, you may be: -insert your own cliche here-. Then you may begin stressful approximately the car notice, the mortgage, the kid’s college clothes, groceries, and how you will pay that $850 you owe the Petermanns for walking over their mailbox and a whole row of prize-prevailing azaleas. All this may probably depress you to the point of assisted suicide, however as a minimum you had 10 minutes of freedom.

Three. Daytime television is a number of the most exciting and captivating television round. You’ll wonder the way you ever survived without all the ones quality soap operas, daytime speak shows, and decide shows where you get the sinking suspicion that the decide has been paid off. When you integrate this with all the informative classified ads that air in the course of the daylight hours to be able to ‘Show you a way to make $1,000 an afternoon stuffing envelopes, ‘Teach you to drive a tractor trailer in 4 days’, ‘Allow you to get a degree from home in such exciting fields as GED training and septic tank scrubber’ and you will now not simplest wonder why you didn’t give up your task faster, you will also vow to in no way work again.

4. In your formerly hired state you neglected all the ones important calls from collection businesses and different bill collectors. Now which you have end your job you may be able to take a seat at home in eager anticipation of these oh-so-critical calls. Toss in a few telemarketers, calls from the Sheriff’s Association soliciting for donations, and some of these computer systems that name you and ask you to ‘Hold for an crucial message’ and you’ll have a full day of simply answering the phone. It can be like having a complete-time activity all all over again, with out all the hassle of getting a paycheck.

5. Dragging yourself out of bed each morning at five:forty five a.M. Can not be exact in your fitness. Your health practitioner will pleased with you for caring enough approximately your frame’s properly-being to go as a ways as quitting your task. He will not, however, see you as a affected person anymore because you now not have medical health insurance. But there’s no want to worry, after all that’s why we’ve free clinics. Sitting all day in a damp medical institution ready room subsequent to 2 young adults with degree three Chlamydia is but every other revel in you would have overlooked out on if you had saved your day process.

There you’ve got it oldsters. Five reasons why you have to right away go out and give up your activity. Feel unfastened to cite any of these reasons to your employer while you switch for your two weeks notice. If she desires to recognise where you got here across such valuable information inform her that a unselfish friend of humanity furnished them to you freed from price, and all I requested in return became that you don’t forget me subsequent time you need your septic tank scrubbed…

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