Universal Studio Tours Blackout Dates

If you are a everyday annual bypass holder for Universal
Studios Tours, there are sure blackout dates
while you cannot go to the park until you pay for a
someday complete priced price ticket for the blackout date. Not
being aware of these dates can also reason you
issues, so make certain you understand while they may be!

In 2006, there aren’t any blackout dates in the course of the
months of January via June, and no blackout
dates in October. Every Saturday and Sunday are
blacked out for July and August. Additionally, July
third and 4th are blackout dates. September second and
3rd, November twenty fourth and twenty fifth, and December 26th,
27th, 28th, twenty ninth, 30th, and thirty first are all blacked out.

Additionally, the park is closed on Thanksgiving
Day and Christmas Day. If you are a regular annual
bypass holder, both upgrade to a top class or deluxe
annual bypass, or avoid the Universal Studios Tours
on these dates so you will now not should pay the
full someday price – which costs nearly as an awful lot
as a normal annual price tag!

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