Universal Studios Tours – Park Information

If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios Tours,
you want to recognize precise information approximately the park
before you arrive. If you’ve got unique wishes, you could
need more data than traditional, and you must
touch Guest Services and inform them of your
special needs previous to your arrival.

You may purchase tickets earlier either online,
or over the cellphone. Tickets also can be bought
at Ticket Master Outlets and via travel agents.
You may buy tickets on the gate. General
sooner or later admission expenses $fifty five, and those below 40
eight inches tall are charged $forty five. Children underneath
three are admitted free of charge. VIP Studio
Passes are to be had on a restricted foundation, and are
no longer to be had for youngsters under the age of five. The
cost for VIP Studio Passes is $149 consistent with man or woman.
Annual tickets also are available, at a reduced

Universal Studios Hollywood is positioned in Los
Angeles, California, at 100 Universal City Plaza. This
is without difficulty discovered right off of Highway a hundred and one, which is frequently
called the Hollywood Freeway. The park is about
ten minutes from the Los Angeles downtown area.

Only paid parking is available. It prices $10 for cars
and $eleven for recreational cars. You also can get
desired parking, which is towards the entrance
for $17. Free parking is not to be had at the Universal
Studio grounds.

Realistically, it takes a complete day to peer all the
attractions in the park. However, in case you don’t have a
complete day to spend at Universal Studios Tours, you
can buy the VIP skip, in order to permit you
to transport to the front of the road for all rides and
points of interest. This cuts down wait instances in traces
notably, and permits you to see all the
sights a whole lot faster.

Don’t permit the rain to spoil your parade! The park
stays open even if it rains, however if intense
weather is an problem, many indicates can be cancelled
or relocated. In the occasion that the park ought to close
because of whether, a rain take a look at might be issued. A
Universal Studio rain take a look at may be issued if over 1/8
of an inch of rain falls before 2pm, and it is right for
thirty days.

Again, if you have special needs that may want
special lodges, please contact Guest
Services by means of telephone previous to your go to. Some
accommodations can take in to two weeks to
set up, so the earlier you contact Universal
Studios Tours together with your unique needs request,
the better the group of workers could be capable of serve you.

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